The Arcadia Furniture Company

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The Furniture Company's Story

In 1906, the Starke Sawmill burns to the ground. Instead of simply rebuilding it, the company replaces the sawmill with a furniture factory. The Arcadia Furniture Company is born. It specialized in medium-priced bedroom furniture.

1909 Furniture Showroom

In just the third year of its existence, the Arcadia Furniture Company produces about 60 different pieces of bedroom furniture. This virtual showroom includes samples of furniture included in the 1909 catalog.

1929 Mirrors Showroom

The 1929 Arcadia Furniture Company catalog includes four pages of mirrors. These and the mirrors used in bedroom furniture are produced in the Mirror & Glass Works.

Furniture Catalogs

In 1907 the Arcadia Furniture Company produces a catalog jointly with the Fox & Mason Company in Corunna. In 1909 the Arcadia Furniture produces the first of many catalogs showing off its specialty, medium priced bedroom furniture.

The Site Circa 2000

In 2000, all that remained of the factory was the building that housed the Mirror & Glass Works and pieces of foundation for other structures including a water tower.

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