A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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Imagine you're a photographer in the early 1900s. Starting from the corner of M22 and Lake Street, walk west toward Lake Michigan. What photos would you take?

This series of photos, many of them from postcards, show views along Lake Street in Arcadia, Michigan from the 1900s to 1930s. The photographs are arranged by their position along Lake Street from east to west from M22 to the furniture factory near Lake Michigan.

Taking the Tour

Each numbered arrow in the map identifies a neighborhood with a set of photos of that area. The first arrow identifies the starting point, the east end of Lake Street and Sixth Street or M22.

Almost every photo has a larger view you can see by clicking the photo. Use with your browser's controls to take an even closer look at the larger photo.

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One-Page Tour
A series of photos help you experience a walk along Lake Street a century ago.

Tour by Neighborhood 
For each cross street, a short series of photos represents a walk along just that part Lake Street. Additional photos provide more detail about the buildings in that neighborhood.

Can you help?

If you have photos or information to share, or if you discover any errors, please contact us.

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1903PlatMapLocation11903 Plat Map
This is part of a plat map showing Lake Street from M-22 west to Lake Michigan. Each numbered arrow identifies a set of photos for that neighborhood.