The Museum's Third Floor

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The third floor of the museum is a small room that has four sets of windows providing views of Arcadia from the tallest generally accessible site in town. In between are photos, paintings, posters, and maps.

For 2010, posters were between each pair of windows to provide a view of the past. As the sign says, imagine standing in this tower with the ability to view miles away and back in time. What would you see? This exhibit (the four posters) provides a few answers to those questions.

Animated View: Stand in the middle of the room and rotate.
These views begin with a view north, then a slight turn to the right, then another turn to the right to view east, and so on. (8 images, 2 second delay)


Closer Views

Each of the following images opens in a new page where you can use your browser to zoom in.

North View

North in History

Northeast Inspiration Point Poster

Inspiration Point Sign

Plat Maps

East View

East in History

Southeast Pioneer Cabin and Octagon House

Deer Hunters

South View

South in History

Southwest Photo Series 1: Jungle Inn, Minnehaha Wreckage, and Anderson Home

Photo Series 2: Lake Arcadia, Furniture Factory, Factory Workers, Arcadia Harbor, and the Steamer Arcadia

West View

West in History

Northwest Photo Series 3: Lake Arcadia NE Shore, Arcadia Lumber Company, Pere Marquette Dock, ABRR at Henry, ABRR in the Swamp

Photo Series 4: Early Home, High School, Company Store, Ladies Club, and 4th Street

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