Arcadia's Veterans

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Wanted: Arcadia Area Veteran Information
If you have information, photos, and other memorabilia to share, please tell us.

Many men and women of the Arcadia area have served our country in the cause of freedom. This exhibit is dedicated to those who served. It includes uniforms, helmets, photos, a D-Day cricket, stories, a photo album of veteran by war, etc.

Veterans ExhibitAnimated View: Military Service Exhibit
In the back of the museum's first floor is this exhibit. These images scan the exhibit(2 images, 2 second delay)

World War II News
This is a copy of the front page of the Detroit News announcing Hitler's death. Note the headline "Hitler's Death May Prove Nazi Trick." With little but German announcements to use as input, the information is received with skepticism.

News: Hitler Dead

After the War
This photo was taken by long-time Arcadia resident Bub Brown in Europe in 1946, while he was waiting to come home. The photo shows a smiling Truman and General Eisenhower.

Bub's Photo of Eisenhower

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