The Early Days of Baseball in Arcadia

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"Baseball was a magic word in Arcadia. You either loved it or hated it -- but you couldn't be indifferent to it. ... On a Sunday afternoon you could find the bleachers full of baseball fans rooting for their home team. The first bleachers were built on the point, with the town folks donating their time and materials. The ballfield was in use from the early 1900's to the 1930's when it was moved near the highway across from the Big Apple Bar. It remained there into the 1960's."
-- Arcadia 1880-1980

Arcadia's First Ballpark
This photo shows Arcadia's first ballpark, which was built in the early 1900's out "on the point."


1904 Arcadia Ballpark
This photo shows a baseball game in the ballpark in Arcadia, Michigan in 1904. The ballpark was located at the south end of 4th Street. The Arcadia pitcher in the game was Bill Zielinski.


1908 Arcadia Baseball Team
Back Row: Bill Zielinski, Frank March, Bill Ebert, Clarence Maple, Johnny Slubk, Mickey Welch, Ralph Boss
Second Row: Lyle Putney, Charlie Nelson, August Zielinski, George Riley, Art Chent, Eddy Lang
In Front: Otto Lang

Classic "Base Ball" Pose for the Camera
Left to Right: Els Rumbaugh, Otto Lang, Fred Magillis, and George Riley. Date unknown.

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