Early Arcadia Area Schools

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Education has always been a priority to the people of the Arcadia area starting as early as 1870 with a log school on the Hotchkiss farm. This exhibit pulls together school artifacts and photos related to Arcadia schools.

schools2013Animated View: Schools
The display case contains a school sweater, pennant, woman's basketball uniform, and miscellaneous school items. Students' desk face the teacher's desk, graduation photos, yearbooks, and posters about one-room schools and teacher qualification exams.  (5 images, 2 second delay)

The Twin Schools
The school in Burnham was moved to Arcadia next to the village school at 4th and Lake Streets.

Arcadia High School
The twin schools were moved, and in 1910, the Arcadia High School was built and eventually taught students in grades 1-12.

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