A Walk Along Old Lake Street

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  6     The West End of Lake Street

ArrowDownAt14px Walk west on Lake Street to First Street (immediately above Second Street in the map).

ArrowDownAt14px Look straight ahead at the end of the street.

CompanyStore1At410pxAlmost the End of Lake Street: The Company Store
This building stood at the foot of Lake Street and was owned by the Starke Land & Lumber Company. Behind the building was the company barn that housed many of the horses the company used.

ArrowDownAt14px Wait a few years.

Henry Behrens & Son
This is the same building shown above but later when the business was managed by Henry Behrens.

ArrowDownAt14px Back up, and climb fifty feet up a tree.

An Aerial View of the Company Store
Lake Street bends to the North a bit. Behind the store is the factory for the Arcadia Furniture Company.

North ArrowRightAt14px


ArrowDownAt14px Walk past First Street and to the right of the Company Store.

 Other Nearby Views

Northeast Corner of Furniture Factory
Note the railway passenger car on the left. The sign on the corner of the building says "A & B R RY CO." This is the train station for the west end of the Arcadia & Betsey River Railway Company.

ArrowDownAt14px Walk past the factory and look back.

The Arcadia Furniture Company's Factory
This is a view east back to the factory and town beyond. Note the Lutheran Church steeple in the background.

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