The Earliest Schools in the Arcadia Area

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Organized school began in Arcadia Township in 1870, when Arcadia Township was organized, and the first school inspector, S. Calkins, was elected. The first school was a log building known locally as the Manke school. It was built on Hotchkiss farm probably around 1870 on land that was later sold to Charles Manke.


The Hotchkiss/Manke Log School
"William Matteson Sr. came all the way from Pierport to attend this school. School was only held during the summer because travel was too difficult during the winter." -- Arcadia 1880-1980

At least one student, William Matteson, walked all the way from Pierport (just off the bottom left corner of this map) to attend the log school. School was held during the summer months because travel was too difficult during the winter.

Other Schools Nearby in the 1870s

Wass School
Completed September 5, 1870
20 x 22 ft. Log.
First teacher: Emma F. Arnold aka Mrs. Myron Arnold
This school was eventually replaced by a wood frame school called the Malcolm School.

Pierport School
Completed 1874
20 x 32 ft. 11 ft. ceiling. Wood Frame.
Building commenced November 2, 1874.
Built by H. C. Matteson, M. Swiger, Crabb, Keil, and Patch.
School commenced January 11, 1875

"The new school house at Pierport was built by C. W. Perry and presented to the district at $300. The building is lathed, plastered, and well-finished in every respect, and would ordinarily cost $600." -- Times & Standard. January 30, 1875.

The School's Probable Location
The X marks the probable location of the Hotchkiss/Manke school. As the map shows, by 1903 the land had been purchased by Charles Manke. The log school was long gone and replaced by several more conveniently located wood frame schools.

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